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Составьте схему электронного баланса ,расставьте коэффициенты в уравнении реакции  .Укажите окислитель  и восстановитель , процесс окисления и восстановления .
Na2MnO4+H2O --> MnO2+NaMnO4+NaOH


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3Na2MnO4 + 2H2O --> MnO2 + 2NaMnO4 + 4NaOH
Mn(+6) --(+4e)--> Mn(+2)  | 1   восстановление
Mn(+6) --(-1e)--> Mn(+7)   | 4   окисление
Na2MnO4 - восстановитель, за счёт Mn(+6)
Na2MnO4 - окислитель, за счёт Mn(+6)
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3Na2MnO4 + 2H2O = MnO2 + 2NaMnO4 + 4NaOH)))) Марганец является и окислителем и восстановителем
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Fill in the blanks with the correct word for these second conditional


 1. If I (have) more money, I would buy a car.

2. Is she (work) on Saturday, she would need to take the bus.

3. If Dan played soccer, he (need) special shoes.

4. I would study more often if I (take) that class.

5. She (drive) is she had a car.

6. If Mary (go) to bed earlier, she would not be so tired in the


7. If I could meet anyone, I the Prime Minister.

8. I (no, go) to that party if I were you.

9. If we (meet) on Friday afternoons, we could leave early.

10. If the car worked, we (can, drive).

11. I would (buy) a laptop if I had more money.

12. They (no, read) as much if they had a television.

13. If it rained more, would she (plant) more flowers?

14. Where would you (visit) if you could go anywhere in the


15. I wouldn’t work if I (have) more money.

16. Rachel (wake up) earlier if she had an alarm clock. 17. Would you (play) video games if you had more time?

18. Who would you (meet) if you could meet anyone?

19. I would sleep later on Sunday if I (have) children.

20. The students wouldn’t take so long to finish their tests if

they (can, use) calculators.

21. Where would you (live) if you could live anywhere?

22. I wouldn't eat that if I you.

23. Perla wouldn't work if she (no, have) to.

24. If you lived in France, you (maybe, speak) French.

25. What would you do if you (be) taller?

26. Would you (wear) that hat?

27. I would love to (meet) your wife.

28. My boss would never (allow) me to leave early on Friday


29. Would you live at home if you (have) a brother?

30. When would you wake up if you (no, need) to work.​
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