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1 Do you get with my brother? a. on b. over c. into 2 Of course, repair work is expensive and you have to that in mind. a. wear b. hold c. keep 3 I'm going towards the end of December just time for Christmas. a. to b. for 4 Anna usually has some problems when time with her family. a. spending b. spends 5 We must hurry. The lessons at 8 o'clock. c. in c. spend c. starting a. starts b. will start 6 I don't know why he out with James, they have nothing in common. a. hangs b. goes 7 Many young people complain having difficulties in finding well-paid job. c. moves a. in b. for c. about child. 8 I haven' any brothers or sisters I am c. one a. only b. alone 9 I saw his competition. He is really good at a. swim b. swimming c. swam 10 Alps are a mountain range in Europe. a. An b. The C. 11 My sister lives in Greece. a. the b. a C. 12 I saw interesting film last night. a. the b. a c. an 13 When Cara came home her mother dinner a. was making b. has made c. made 14 I'd like to study law university. a. in b. for c. at 15 We're having a school party Saturday night. a. at b. on c. in 2. Choose the correct verb form in each sentence 16 We've decided to start / starting jogging. 17 I'll go /'m going on a cruise next week. I can't wait. 18 In 2030 people will drive / are going to drive only hybrid cars. 19 My brother can't afford to take / taking up any new hobbies. 20 I often imagine to be / being an Olympic athlete. 21 How about to watch / watching TV? 22 He went to bank to get / getting some money. 23 Do you remember to meet / meeting my friends Dave and Liz? 24 I tried contacting / to contact you, but you didn't answer you phone.
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