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Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Present Simple, the Future Simple or the Present Continuous Tense or be going to.
- Do you have any plans for this summer, Dave? - Of course, I do! First of all, my friends and I... (to have) a party. You see, we had to work hard this year and we need to relax a bit. Then I... (to go) to the seaside to visit my cousin. He has already invited me to spend a fortnight at his cottage house. ... you... (to go) there with your parents? - No, my parents... (to fly) to Italy at the end of June. They have already booked the tickets and a room in a hotel. I hope they... (to have) a good time during their travel and I... (to enjoy) my trip to the seaside. - Lucky you! - And what... you... (to do) this summer, James? I haven't got any plans by now. ... you... (to join) me in my trip, then? My cousin's house is big enough and I'm sure he... (not to mind) our coming. - Well, I don't know. I'm afraid it ... (not to be) easy to persuade my parents to let me join you. - Don't worry about it. I... (to talk) to your parents. I'm sure they... (to agree) to my suggestion. - Well, the problem is my parents aren't in the town now. They... (to come) back in three days. -Good!... they... (to come) by train? Let's meet them at the station together. In this case we... (to tell) about our plans and (to have) an opportunity to buy tickets for our trip. What time ... the train ... (to arrive)? -It... (to arrive) at half past five in the evening. - OK, I... (to phone) you tomorrow and we ... (to arrange) the details.​
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