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В школьном саду на клумбах посадили 900 цветов,причём 630 из них были тюльпаны,а остальные розы.На клумбы с тюльпанами посадили по 35 цветов на каждую клумбу,а на клумбы с розами по 30 цветов.Сколько всего получилось клумб?


Автор ответа: badmarks


2)270:30=9(кл.)-с розами

3)630:35=18(кл.)- с тюлбпанами

4)9+18=27 (кл)

ответ : 27 клумб всего.

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Task 1
I. Reading
Read the text and choose correct answer (6 marks)
Christopher Columbus, 1492
Christopher Columbus, born in Italy, always dreamed of being a sailor. When he was 13, Christopher became a cabin boy. He sailed to many lands and became a captain.
For many years, Columbus asked kings and queens to give him money for food and ships so he could find a new route to China and India.
Finally King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain gave him money. In return he promised to give them new lands, spices, and new people to become Christians.
Columbus had three ships: the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. They left Spain in August, 1492.
On October 12th, after two months of a difficult journey, the Pinta first spotted land. Columbus called this land San Salvador. No one knows the exact location of the landing spot, but it is often thought to be an island in what is now called the Bahamas.
In the late 18th century, many countries started celebrating the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492.
1. Who gave Columbus the money for his ships and crew? *
1 балл
a) the queen of Portugal
b) the government of Italy
c) the king and queen of Spain
2. What was Columbus's first job? *
1 балл
A) cabin boy
b) captain
c) ship builder
3. What did Columbus name his landing spot? *
1 балл
a) San Salvador
b) Bahamas
c )America
4. Which of Columbus's 3 ships first spotted land in the New World? *
1 балл
a) Nina
b) Pinta
c) Santa Maria
5. Where was Christopher Columbus born? *
1 балл
a) India
b) Italy
c) Spain
Task 2
II.Use of English
Task 2 Choose the correct words. (4 marks)
1. We.... from Poland. *
1 балл
2. There ......a pen on the table. *
1 балл
3. What are..... in Spanish? *
1 балл
4. The restaurant...... opposite the park. *
1 балл
5. Steve is..... brother. *
1 балл
Tom is​
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