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Токарь и ученик изготовили 144 детали. Токарь работал 8 часов и изготовлял 12 деталей в час . Сколько деталей в час изготовлял ученик, если он работал 6 часов?


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Choose the correct letter A, B, or C.

1. What did the writer of the passage wish?
A. She wished she had Sam's job.
B. She wished she looked like Sam.
С. She wished she were an art student.

2. What was Sam, the writer's flatmate?
A. She was an art student.
B. She was a fashion model.
С. She was a teacher in a secondary school.

3. What was the writer of the passage dissatisfied with?
A. Her own appearance.
B. Her own profession.
C. Sam's getting up early.

4. What did Sam use to do in the morning?
A. Sam used to take a long time to put on her make-up.
B. Sam used to lie before going to work.
С. Sam used to get ready for work very quickly.

5. Why did the writer have to get up early?
A. In order to get herself ready to go to work.
B. To help her flatmate.
C. То pull the blankets.

6. Why did the writer go back to sleep in the morning?
A. She always went to bed late and was sleepy.
B. She was always tired.
С. She could not face the day ahead.

7. Why did the writer get to work late?
A. She wasn't keen on her job.
B. She didn't get up in time.
С. She always had a big breakfast.

8. Why did the writer leave her job?
A. Her employer dismissed her.
B. She wasn't very good at teaching.
С. She knew she could not get to work on time.

9. What did the writer think of Sam?
A. She was a very fortunate person.
B. Sam was a good person to share a flat with.
С. Sam was unsympathetic towards the writer.

10. What do we find out about the writer of the passage ?
A. She was not self-confident.
B. She was a well-organized person.
С. She paid great attention to her appearance.
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