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подайте у вигляді многочлена



г)(-0.3a-1.2b)(-0.3a +1.2b)=


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Формула a²-b²=(a-b)(a+b)
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Britain is famous not only for its rock groups
and rock singers but also for its long and strong traditions of folk and classical music. As well as this, you can
listen to country music, jazz or
spirituals* that came from America.

Look at the musical map of Britain. In Scotland
that is in the north of Britain the national instrument is the bagpipe* which is the most exciting to the Scots though
some people outside Britain think it is tuneless. But for
centuries, up to the First World War, Scottish pipers encouraged their soldiers
by playing their music at battles. Here is Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.
The Edinburgh festival is an annual festival of music
and drama, it is held every summer.

Welsh romantic and sentimental bards*
were known even to the ancient world. They still meet every year at the
Eisteddfod.* And in Wales you can find the best choirs and the best choral music.

The north of England is sometimes called “the
land of the brass bands”. Many people who don’t
understand complicated music like their catchy

Aldeburgh is a small town in the south of
England where the famous British composer,
conductor and pianist Benjamin
Britten* lived.

London is famous for its opera houses and
concert halls where famous musicians conduct the best symphony orchestras. In London Henry
Purcell, a great British composer, lived. His opera Dido and
Aeneas* is considered the first British classical opera. Andrew Lloyd
Webber’s* rock operas or musicals are staged all over the
world; they are always played to full houses. The first nights of his famous rock operas often take
place in London theatres where every seat is
usually taken.