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№8 Реши Уравнения 3*х -7800=1200


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Representative money; inflation; gold standard; physical form; banknotes; legal tender; commodity money; to redeem (2);fiat money (2); value; withdrawing; intrinsic value (2);dime.

1. Coins and __________ are the two most common physical forms of money. 2. _____ ___ is money that has value only because a government says it has value. 3. The system of _________ _____ eventually evolved into a system of representative money. 4. _______ ______ refers to paper currency backed by a government or bank’s promise ________ it for a given weight of precious metal (gold or silver). 5. Representative money was based on the ______ _______ , and, in theory, could be exchanged for a fixed amount of gold. 6. Government has declared fiat money to be a ________ _________, but is not backed by a physical commodity. 7. Money, like almost everything else, loses its ________whenever there is too much of it. 8. Most modern money is _____ ________ because most governments have printed too much money to compete with inflation. 9. Today cash machines, or ATMs, are the most popular method of ________ cash for most personal customers. 10. The brand has _________ _________ because of its public recognition. 11. Electronic money is money which exists only in banking computer systems and is not held in any ______ ________ . 12. An economic process in which prices increase so that money becomes less valuable is called ________________ . 13. The company’s ___________ _________ is well above $25 per share. 14. A _______ is a coin worth ten cents in the US and Canada. 15. She couldn’t afford __________ her wedding ring from the pawnbroker.