Предмет: Математика, автор: кристалл

периметр прямоугольника равен 76 см. найди его площадь, если ширина меньше длины на 4 см.


Автор ответа: avema Lissa

Нехай одна сторона х, тоді друга х-4

Складемо рівняння







х=21-довжина прямокутника

21-4=18-ширина прямокутника

21*18=378-площа прямокатника

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Предмет: Английский язык, автор: yata1990
Open the brackets using an appropriate Present or Past Tense.
1. Where on earth ___________________________ (you/buy) those shoes? They are
2. OK. Who _____________________ (take) my best pen? It ____________________ (be)
on my desk thirty seconds ago.
3. Oh, dear, what ____________________ (happen) to you? You look as though you
____________________ (see) a ghost.
4. Who _______________________ (write) William Tell? I can never remember if it
___________________ (be) Mozart or Rossini.
5. Thomas ______________________ (be) late for every lesson so far.
6. Ella _________________________ (smoke) forty cigarettes a day for over thirty years.
Then she _________________________ (give up) overnight and
___________________________ (not touch) one ever since.
7. Who _________________________ (you/think) you are, speaking to me like this?
8. Although I ____________________ (set off) early, I ____________________ (get) there
late and everybody ______________________ (wait) for me to start the meeting. The
chairman said they ________________________________ (wait) for a whole hour.
9. You ________________________________ (always/moan) about the state of the kitchen
but you _________________________________ (never/help) me!
10. When we got back from our holiday, we discovered that someone __________________
(break) into our house. The burglars, however, _____________________ (drop) a piece
of paper with an address on it as they _______________________ (climb) out of the
11. I _________________________ (have) a nightmare when the alarm clock
___________________________________ (go off and wake me up).
12. I _______________________________ (never use) my mobile phone if
I__________________________________ (drive).
13. Luckily, by the time we _______________________ (get) there, they
_____________________________ (not sell) the painting.
14. The last time I _____________________ (go) sailing with my friends, the boat
________________________ (sink) in a gale. Luckily, nobody ____________________
(invite) me again since then.
15. I ______________________________________ (really/enjoy) myself at the moment!
16. Jean. I’m so glad you _______________________ (get) here at last! I
___________________________________________ (expect) you all day!
17. It _________________________ (take) a long time for me to notice but then I
_____________________ (do). Everyone ______________________ (stare) at me. What
_________________________ (I/do) wrong?
18. Phil stood at the door soaked from head to toe; he _______________________ (run) in
the rain.
19. Brendan was surprised to find the gas tank empty as he _______________________
(only use) the truck twice that week.
20. When I __________________ (arrive), he _____________________ (stay) at the same
hotel where we first _________________ (meet). He __________________ (tell) me he
____________________ (wait) for some time then.
21. Watch carefully. First I _________________ (take) a bowl and ________________
(break) two eggs into it.
Предмет: Алгебра, автор: blyavotyaflekshu