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Мини сочинение на 60-70 слов на тему East or west home is best. Срочно 20 баллов.


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East or West, home is best.I believe this proverb.
I think that my home is a little world, where I can live according to my own rules.It’s because here live my relatives, my dogs, my favourite things.When I feel tiredness, only at home I can feel resting. There's no place like home.When I am ill, only at home I can feel better.Everything is easier at home.I like to receive guests my home. Home is most important place in the life of every person. In home we feel comfort, calm and happiness.All family holidays we celebrate at home.Many days off we spend home, in the family circle.My most dear people live here.The furniture, the things, the pictures at home can tell a lot of about their master.Master’s character, his/her habits we can know if we look at his/her home.My home is my castle – Englishmen tell so.I support it. I like my home city, my motherland.My favourite place is my mother’s place of birth –the hamlet Anosovo.All my childhood I spent there.There are a lot of luxurious blossoming fruit gardens.There is warm fresh milk from a cow or a goat.There are bright-green water meadows.There is my lovely pond, covered duckweed.Every summer I went there, unfortunately, I don’t have time to go there now.It was the most happy time in my life, when I was there.In the village near Anosovo every summer celebrate holidays, the days of poetry.It’s because Pushkin visited this village, Bolshoe Boldino.When days of poetry celebrated, famous actors’s concerts were there.I recollect this time with tenderness and I take pity that I can not turn back this time.I would like to go there again that to see my childrenhood’s place.
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