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498÷6 писменноПомогите пожалуйста ​


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498:6=83 *(^o^)/**(^o^)/**(^o^)/*(*´꒳`*)(*´꒳`*)(^_^)/~~*(^o^)/**(^o^)/**(^o^)/*

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At WOMAD festivals there are lots of shops
and stalls, too. They sell arts and crafts and
food from countries all over the world. Festival
goers can try lots of different kinds of food
and learn about the countries it comes from.
They can also see beautiful art from around the
world. There are always lots of fun activities for
people to do at the festivals For example, at the
WOMAD Festival 2008 in England there was a
World of Wellbeing centre Here, festival goers
could enjoy a relaxing massage

WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance)
festivals celebrate music, art and dance from all
around the world. It is also a way for unknown
artists to perform in front of many people and
maybe become famous.

WOMAD is a celebration of the music and
culture of the world. It gives people a chance
to experience sounds from around the world.
It is a special festival that will entertain and also
teach you something new.

w o M A D

The festivals are exciting and offer a lot of
different kinds ol music. There are amazing
music and dance performances, but also
different activities and workshops for both
adults and children. In the workshops people
can meet the artists and learn about their culture
and music. There are also special workshops
for children; they can have lots of fun and learn
something new at the same tim e
8. Read the text again and answer the questions.


1. What docs WOMAD do?
2. Why is it good for new artists to perform at WOMAD?
3. What can people do at the workshops?
4. Where can festival goers try food from different countries?
5. W'hat could festival goers do at the WOMAD Festival 2008 in England?